(If your Buddies Screw Up This Bad, Take Back those Groomsmen Gifts!)

Unless your groomsmen plan to show up to your weddings inebriated, don't trip about this best man clip. Is this a hoax or is the best man incredibly clumsy? Or worse, is he drunk? Although he appears to trip, what exactly does he trip on? We believe he's wearing slip-on oxfords, so it's not his shoelaces. And it's interesting that the bride and groom just happen to be standing on a ledge over a pool. Suspicious to say the least. My guess: totally a hoax. What do you think? Cast your vote below. PS. Don't try this at home. Hoax or not, this video is good for a laugh. If your oafish groomsmen do anything to ruin your wedding, like purposely trip, give a bad wedding toast, or throw the bride into a pool, take back those groomsmen gifts For gallant guys that take their role in your wedding seriously, you'll find top-notch groomsmen gifts, best man gifts, and more at GroomStand.