Holiday Wine Pairings As the holiday looms not too far on the horizon, if you're not automatically thinking about gift shopping, the next thing on your mind is food. And no seasonal dish is complete without the right wine pairing. You can be the hero of the hour and uncork the perfect drink on those big holiday occasions. If your gaggle of guys spend their weekends wine tasting, consider a few wine related items for groomsmen gifts.

Ham and Blush

If you're spending the holidays with parents or soon-to-be in-laws, chances are you'll run into a honey baked ham. Any time you're grilling or baking pork, White Zinfandel is a good choice. It'll mesh well with the ham's sweetness. If you're not a big fan of White Zins, a Sauvignon Blanc will serve as a refreshing stand-in.

Turkey and White

Some folks who aren't sick of turkey after Thanksgiving will cook it again in December - and when they do, make sure you bring a couple bottles of Chardonnay along to compliment it. The bitter white wines are said to work best with the herb stuffing that'll usually accompany those bigger birds. Again, if you can't find a Chardonnay you enjoy, a Pinot Grigio or Fume Blanc will substitute nicely.

Game and Spicy Red

When your friends or family enjoy taking culinary forays off the traditional holiday path, there's always a fine wine to partner with whatever they'll prepare. For instance, rack of lamb or any gamier meats pair fantastically with spicy and complex red wines - a Spanish Rioja or older Pinot Noirs will do the trick here.

Veggie and Sweet

Let's not forget the vegetarians in our lives. Most of the lighter vegetarian dishes - like salads and vegetable casseroles you'll find during the holidays - are brilliant with a Late-Harvest Riesling. If it's a mushroom-based vegetarian entre, choose a sweeter red like an Australian Shiraz.

Don't Forget the Wine Glasses and Accessories

Although our strong suit is groomsmen gifts, you can find plenty of accessories at Groomstand for the wine lovers in your life that will make awesome holiday gifts. Check out our personalized red wine glass and white wine glass sets, wine bottle pourers, and wine and cheese coolers. Happy Wine Hunting and Happy Holidays!