Bachelor party checklist: Super hot stripper - check. Personalized flasks as groomsmen gifts for all your best buds - check. Official last night of booze-fueled debauchery as a single man - check. The bachelor party is going to be off the hook, but no one wants to pay the price for it the following day. At GroomStand, we want to keep the good times with your groomsmen good, so here are some level-headed tips to party hard and recover by wedding day.

What is a hangover?

Before you go out and get nuts, it's best to understand what's going on when you slug down drinks. Hangovers are not fully understood, but what we do know is that alcohol depletes vitamins and water from your body, which makes you dehydrated. Alcohol is also a mild diuretic - meaning it makes you pee a lot more than normal. As the body absorbs the alcohol, the stomach is irritated and the liver processes the alcohol from ethanol to methanol and acetaldehyde... which ends up being a toxin.

The Hangover Cure

It's recommended that you drink one glass of water in between each drink of alcohol. Since your bladder might explode under these conditions, replacing those vitamins and water is the name of the game. Sports drinks or children's dehydration remedies are chocked full of B12 and other vitamins, which makes them great sources to turn to during and after your big night of drinking.

If you have some great groomsmen, they'll get you up in the morning for some light exercising. When you move around, it helps your body remove all the toxic chemicals faster than lying down. Hand out some Personalized Louisville Slugger Major League Baseball Team Logo Bats as groomsmen gifts so you can smack a few dingers at the local ball field.

Not all hangovers are this easy, and as awesome as your bachelor party is, you may need some other options.

Other hangover options

Every culture and background has their own idea of what helps a hangover, here are a few unproven, but helpful hints:

  • Latin, Spanish and some Asian cultures turn to spicy foods. The idea is that with all the spices, your heart rate increases and you sweat out all the toxins just like you would if you were working out. The only downside is that the spicy foods might disrupt an already upset stomach.
  • Many European cultures believe it's a good idea to consume greasy or fatty foods before and after a night of drinking. These dense foods tend to absorb alcohol much better than compared to drinking on an empty stomach.
  • If you're feeling super ill, you can try a table spoon of honey in a glass of water, which is known to relieve nausea and the shakes associated with hangovers. As for medications, opioids like hydrocodone, codeine and oxycodone can provide pain relief. The mix of some of these medications with alcohol can be toxic, so make sure to only take these after you've stopped drinking. Talk to your Physician before attempting a extreme hangover remedy. Never take Tylenol after an all-night drinking binge. You do want to make it to your wedding, don't you?

Fruitless remedies

Some people turn to more alcohol in the morning, aka "Hair of the dog." Drinking more normally makes matters worse. If you plan on going this route, drinks like the Bloody Mary combine the spices and vitamins mentioned above for a well-rounded hangover wake up.

Fructose and glucose (sugar), artichoke or any dietary supplement have no scientific confirmation of preventing any signs of a hangover.

Wedding Tip:

Designate one of the groomsmen or the best man as the party planner. Make sure he has all the details together regarding transportation and hangover cures, and reward his efforts with great personalized groomsmen gifts to remember your legendary night. Preventing your groomsmen from getting sick is far better than dragging a fallen soldier around all night long.