When you're on the move so much that you can't stop for a wedding or to find those groomsmen gifts, leave it to GroomStand to keep the wedding in motion.

Wedding on the Wings

wedding on the wings.jpg

Last summer, a British couple strapped themselves to the roof of two different biplanes to recite (or yell) their vows to each other over 1,000 ft off the ground. See the Wing Walk Wedding.

Wedding tip: You'd risk everything for the love of your life, but you don't have to prove it on your wedding day.

The Love Boat

cruise ship.JPG

Ah... the sea breeze in your hair, the blueish-greenish water... and the all-you-can-eat buffet. A cruise ship is a constant party on board, and you've got a built in honeymoon. The only downside? Your wedding party will be on your honeymoon too.

Wedding tip: Your groomsmen are going to be working overtime to make sure you and the Mrs. have enough alone time. Keep them busy with groomsmen gifts like personalized flasks or poker sets and be sure to thank them for keeping your nosy family at bay.

Love is a Roller Coaster

If you think your wedding has its share of ups and downs, try a roller coaster. Most theme parks will be more than glad to throw this thrill-seeking ceremony. Have you officiant in the front car and prepare to shout "I do" right before the roller coaster free fall.

Wedding tip: Make sure you know you and your bride-to-be can handle the thrill ride. The last thing you want to worry about is hurling all over your rented tux.

Steamin' Toward Marriage

Clarkedale, AZ, brides and grooms take in the romantic country side as they glide along the rails on a journey to the Grand Canyon. This steam-powered locomotive makes a special stop over a 150 foot bridge, allowing couples to exchange vows while basking in the natural beauty of the area.

Wedding tip: People have been riding on trains for over a hundred years. Celebrate the occasion with classic groomsmen gifts! Break out the cheery wood humidor, have a cigar with the boys and relax at the reception.

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