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Like most guys, I avoid the mall at all costs. On Black Friday, a poor WalMart worker met his death in a shopping stampede - yet another reason I chose to shop online. Every year, I toss and turn with what to get my buddies. As the holiday season draws near, my dreams of sugar plum fairies turned to nightmares of angry buddies. If you're looking for groomsmen gifts or holiday gifts for any guy (like your buddy, brother, fiance, or father), check out these great gift ideas.

Forget the Sweater, This Year - Give Beer

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Guys like to celebrate the holidays with their favorite libation in hand: Baileys, Beer, White Russians, Martinis - whatever. But like with most things, guys are territorial when it comes to their liquor. No one wants their cold-sore ridden friend (shudder) to accidentally sip from the same glass - personalized barware lets everyone know that beer is his. Chances are, your guy is a sucker for personalized glassware and barware. Pair these presents with a membership to a beer-of-the month club and you're golden.

This personalized sports mug prepares him for upcoming Superbowl parties and as groomsmen gifts, guarantees good times to come. These personalized old-fashioned glasses make the perfect glasses to toast with on New Year's Eve. And for a wild New Year's he'll never remember, give him these engraved island shooter glasses along with his preferred licorice libation - Jagermeister of course!

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Meaningful Groomsmen Gifts and Keepsakes

This year, the new gift giving trend is something thoughtful and not necessarily expensive. Most guys don't collect sentimental things, unless you're talking comic books, coins, or sports memorabilia. I suppose there are a few secretly sentimental guys out there. For them, I propose personalized gifts like these engraved cufflinks. Round, square, or flashy, cufflinks make the perfect keepsake- he can pass them along once his little ones or nephews are old enough to wear a real suit. GroomStand Bonus Tip: Present the cufflinks inside this personalized cherry keepsake box for a simple, sentimental, and manly gift he'll surely love.

Spread Cheer this Season with Sports Memorabilia

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Get ready for some football! But this year, think beyond the logo hooded sweatshirt. If he has a cool pad, present him with personalized NFL pub signs. They're great groomsmen gifts and holiday gifts for sports fans who write to Santa with only one wish: that their team wins the Super Bowl. Their favorite team might not get the championship trophy, but your guys will feel like winners with these personalized pub signs.

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