A crazy little story came out recently about the fate of a couple of brothers in Africa who decided to crash a wedding. Anyway the story goes that Hlakkaniphani and Sithembiso Ziqubu arrived at a wedding in Hlabisa, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and were enjoying the activities up until the guests finally discovered them. They were politely asked to leave, but apparently that courtesy didn't extend to all of those present at the wedding. Upon leaving the brothers were chased and attacked by a group of wedding goers (aka vigilantes). One of the brothers was stabbed to death, while the other got away with a few injuries. Kind of crazy down there in Africa, but at least we can hope to assume it wasn't any of the groomsmen that went vigilante, especially if the groom had purchased them gifts of a certain knife because with knives of that kind of quality there would be two less wedding crashers to worry about.

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