The traditional best man earns his groomsmen gifts by wearing many hats at a wedding. He's on point to keep track of the other groomsmen and ushers, he plans the bachelor party that didn't ruin the wedding (which is just semantics because the bride will never find out what happened anyway), and it's his job to toast the newlyweds at the reception. However, the ideal best man is the guy the groom turns to when he needs to get out of a pinch. With GroomStand's advice on how to prepare the wedding day emergency kit, any best man is on his way to becoming the hero on the big day.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Accessories:

Place the following items in a bag:

    1. Roll of clear strapping tape - This is great for reinforcing clothing accessories that need to lie flat (e.g. a crooked bow tie). Just so you know, supermodels will bust this neat little trick out when they don't want their breasts popping out of a revealing shirt. Since the isle is just like strutting down the runway, do what the pros do. Clear tape is also a go to resource for preparing hems, or tying down the groom when he has cold feet.
  1. Small pair of scissors or pocket knife - Where would MacGyver be without this tool? You're probably won't have to defuse a bomb, or battle random 80's terrorist groups who could easily be foiled by a single vigilante. Instead, you're more likely to be faced with the daunting task of cutting a loose thread hanging from a button. The Personalized Rubber Grip 13-Function Army Knife should be the one to do the trick.
  1. A mini stapler - For the unlikely event that you rip the butt seam down the middle of your tuxedo pants, stapling the seam back together is a quick temporary fix. As a word to the wise, the only thing that looks worse than torn pants are pants that were fixed in a panic with exposed staples on the outside. If this emergency happens, make sure you take the time to remove the pants and fix the seam on the inside.
  1. A black permanent marker - This is a last resort when something is spilled on a tuxedo and it leaves a mark. If you have enough time and you're dealing with a rented tux, forgo the marker for a wet washcloth.
  1. Collapsible cup and aspirin - Have a pain pill, headache medicine or good old tension reliever ready at all times. The collapsible cup is a smart tool if the only source of water is the sink or drinking fountain.
  1. Flask - The tension reliever when water just won't do. This Personalized Stainless Steel Leather Flask also makes great groomsmen gifts for relaxing with you friends on the big day.
  1. Snack food - This day has been a long time coming, and built up nerves can really tear at an empty stomach. If you guys all eat breakfast together, make sure you still make time to have a banana, a sports drink or take it back to the good old days with a tasty pack of gushers. The best man and groom are going to need something in their gut if they take my original advice of sucking on their flask in the early afternoon.
  2. Baby wipes or laundry pen - Just in case you drop a juicy fruit snack on your white tuxedo shirt, a laundry pen or baby wipe won't have you looking like a fool for the rest of the day. Baby wipes are also ideal when someone needs to wash their hands or a last second remedy to shine the shoes before walking down the isle.
  1. Cash- If you don't have the tool for the job, money can always buy you that tool. Stuff a twenty and a few ones in the bag just in case you need to tip someone or buy something on the fly.
  • Wedding CD - As a sentimental favorite, keep a copy of the CD for the bride and groom's first dance. If there is one CD the DJ might forget, you know it's going to end up being this one. Also, don't think you have your bases covered just because you have a copy of the song on your iphone. That bad boy is useless unless you can hook it up to the sound system. Just make a hard copy on CD.
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