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Avoid these 7 bad bachelor parties at all costs. Some are totally lame. Some are so hedonistic, they could land you in jail. If your comrades bring up these bad bachelor party ideas, tell them you have cold feet and if they persist, swiftly revoke those groomsmen gifts.

Bad Bachelor Party Ideas

1. Walk the Plank. A short cruise on the open seas sounds like the bachelor party idea ever. What could be cooler than five guys on a boat, playing poker, sipping martinis, and grilling up some grub? Five guys at home, playing poker, drinking martinis, and grilling up some grub! Heck of a lot cheaper and no sea sickness. If "Gilligan's Island" taught us anything, it's to stay on shore. 2. Relive Swingers. C'mon guys. Reliving a movie for your bachelor party is the lamest idea ever. You're an original. Don't convince everyone to talk and dress like the crew from "Swingers". Don't suggest wine tasting with the boys like in "Sideways." Wine tasting could never be that much fun! And emulating "Very Bad Things" leads to someone buried in the desert. Think of it this way: Elvis sunglasses are awesome; Elvis impersonators are pathetic. Use elements of movies in your party plans, don't re-enact them scene by scene. 3. Amateur Hour.... at the Comedy Club. This is what happens when you let your fiancee plan your bachelor party: The bad comedy club. Don't spend your last night of freedom listening to a middle-aged comedian's amateur routine. Why? We guarantee his stand-up will be filled with stupid marriage jokes about how much he hates his wife. After a tortuous hour of "marriage humor," you'll be crying in your cocktail and wishing you never proposed. 4. Let's Get Tattoos! Do not under any circumstances go to a tattoo parlor the night of your bachelor party. This is precisely how regular dudes end up with blotchy unicorn tattoos. After this shin-dig, you'll have to give tattoo removal kits as groomsmen gifts. 5. Sky Diving, Base Jumping, Wind Surfing. Extreme sports (basically anything in an energy drink commercial) should be off limits for your bachelor party. Visible scars and broken noses just don't look right with a tux. Save the cliff diving for when you're honeymooning in Hawaii. 6.Tijuana. While Vegas is a suitable destination for a bachelor party, Tijuana is not. Tell your bride-to-be your going to Tijuana and no matter how supportive she is of stag nights, she'll raise her eyebrows and shoot you "the look." 7. A Salacious Show. We're totally for entertainment of the ummm...visual sort. That is, if it comes fiancee pre-approved. But avoid Vegas-type shows with scantily clad women for one reason: Justin Scheidt. Scheidt's bachelor party went sour after dancers pulled him on stage for the traditional "embarrass the groom" routine and he sustained permanent injuries to a sensitive area. Yikes. There you have it, the seven worst bachelor party ideas. As long as you stay away from boats and Tijuana, you'll be fine. Have a great time! PS. When it comes time to buy those groomsmen gifts, look no further than