Groomsmen gifts don't have to be throwaways. Follow these 5 tips and your groomsmen may say 'thanks!' without the 'uuuuuh' in front.
  1. Consider the travelers. Don't buy gifts that weight 10 pounds each if you know that most of your groomsmen are coming from afar. They don't want a hernia to remember the occasion.
  2. Personalize tastefully. A nice, small engraving on the back of that wallet? Great. 30 point type reading "We got hitched!" on the front? Not so great.
  3. Think about the guys. What are their interests? If they're all basketball nuts, buy them gifts themed for basketball. It sounds obvious, but I've received enough engraved paperweights to know it bears repeating.
  4. When in doubt, be practical. If you're not sure what to get, buy something you think they'll really want. A new wallet might make sense, or a shaving kit.
  5. Don't blow the budget. No matter what you get, chances are these gifts aren't the reason your groomsmen are coming to your wedding. Be reasonable, and save some money for the honeymoon.