These Gifts for Groomsmen Ensure Your Wedding Day Goes According to Plan

I'm sure you've seen the Taco Bell commercial where all the Groomsmen show up on their good friend's wedding day with beet-red faces. It's every bride-to-be's nightmare that the guys attending her wedding will somehow ruin her big day.

We know, it has made for great comedies and commercials of late. But just because popular culture capitalized on unprepared groomsmen doesn't mean you won't be in the doghouse on your honeymoon if your friends show up in lackluster form on the day of your wedding.

To keep your Groomsmen in good order, peruse these vital groomsmen gifts. These gifts will tidy up the grimiest groomsman, and organize your most disorganized friends.

Personalized Two Tone Cuff Links
  1. Personalized Two Tone Cuff Links

    It's no joke guys. Women love men in uniform. That's why for your wedding day, deck your groomsmen out in matching cufflinks. These cufflinks can be customized with your guys' names, so they'll serve double duty as excellent groomsmen gifts your friends will enjoy on other formal occasions.

  2. Personalized Sports Watch with Compass

    Are your friends notorious for being tardy? If they are, equip them with this elegant Sports Watch and Compass. Your financee won't mind when they're fiddling with these fine hand watches, and it will ensure your friends won't be late (or get lost) for any of the fun-filled festivities your bride has planned for your wedding.

    stay clip stay organized
  3. Stayclip Stay Organized:

    For the untidy groomsmen, these Cupronickel StayClip Stay Organized Collar Stays will keep those feisty tuxedo collars on the straight and narrow. The collar of a tuxedo can be a difficult - yet vital - aspect of the wedding attire. Your bride-to-be won't be able to find anything wrong with your friends' tuxedos if you get these Stayclip Collar Organizer as groomsmen gifts.

  4. iPod holster with Belt Loop

    Do your friends go nuts for the newest and coolest gadgets? Then it's probably no surprise that your fiancee complains about how often your friends check those brand new blackberries and iPhones for the latest baseball scores and sports highlights. Make sure that your groomsmen keep all those gadgets tucked away in style with this iPod Holster and belt. It may not solve the blackberry issue, but at least it will ensure all those iPods are left inside your friends' pockets when you're exchanging vows.

  5. Personalized Grillmaster Apron:

    Is the grill the central plane of existence for your male wedding attendees? If it is, then they're probably not the cleanest guys. Don't let your friends show up on your wedding day with clothing covered in steak and grease stains by gifting this handy grillmaster apron set beforehand. With generous pocket sizes to hold all those sloppy sauce covered utensils, the Grillmaster Plus apron is the perfect gift to keep your them stain-free on your Big Day.

If your wedding day is fast approaching, look no further than Groomstand's assortment of groomsmen gifts. We've got the items guys look for. And don't forget to check out all our great on-sale groomsmen gifts if you're planning your wedding on a budget this spring or summer.