I just saw The Hangover, and let's just say I have a new found love of bachelor parties, tigers, and Mike Tyson. It's all fine in fantasy, but nothing can ruin your wedding faster than a bachelor party gone wrong. Picture this: You stumble down the aisle, half hungover after and as you take your vows, wondering what salacious acts you took part in the night before. Not fun. Have a good time but avoid these five bachelor party don'ts: Don't get tattoos. Bachelor party tattoos are out. Drunkenness + tattoo = splotchy mess on your neck that looks like a bruise or has your fiancee's name spelled wrong. Don't go skydiving. I'm all for skydiving, but do it either after your wedding or months before. Walking down the aisle wearing a neck brace isn't fun. Don't lie. Who wants to spend their bachelor party hiding out from their fiance. Don't tell your fiancee you're going wine tasting when you're really going to Vegas. Secret bachelor parties aren't fun at all. When you're supposed to be livin' it up, you'll be uncomfortably checking your phone for text messages. "Ssshhh, my fiance is on the phone." She's not your mom, she's your fiance. Talk about your expectations for the bachelor party well ahead of time. Don't be lame. It's your last night as a single man. If you're not a big drinker, forgo the shot glasses for poker sets. Whatever you do, find some way to celebrate the end of your bachelor days. Don't go to Tijuana. Vegas is one thing, Tijuana is a party animal of a different color. While I think it's a perfectly acceptable place to visit while you're completely single, it's not a good place to go when you're getting married the next day. Tell your in-laws you're headed to Tijuana for the bachelor party and you'll get more than a few raised eyebrows. And who knows if you'll ever make it back.