We are all too familiar with bridezilla, the stomping, tantrum-throwing train wreck that possessed your fiancee. But is there such a thing as groomzilla? And could you be a groomzilla? Definition of Groomzilla: A groomzilla is a new, beastlier breed of grooms. A groomzilla doesn't passively watch while his fiancee plans the wedding. A groomzilla stops at nothing to get his moment in the spotlight. He has a taste for the finer things in life. Men's Warehouse means nothing to this groom. From diamond-encrusted groomsmen gifts to fur coats and canes, he's all about luxury. Pictured here, bonafide groomzilla and Italian boxer, Clemente Russo.

10 Signs You're a GroomZilla

1. You made your best man practice his speech for 10 hours. 2. You "forgot" to give your groomsmen groomsmen gifts and "forgot" to care. 3. You annexed your fiancee's wedding binder. It is now property of "groomzilla." 4. You went all the way to Milan to get your tux. And it's made entirely of mink. 5. You somehow managed to get Rush to play at your reception. 6. You outsourced better-looking groomsmen. Your best friend with the paunch and overbite just won't do. 7. You've never referred to your groomsmen as your wedding party. They're your posse, your entourage, your gang. Never your groomsmen. 8. You're going to be dressed complete with cane. 9. You switched places with the bride. You'll be the one walking - actually strutting - down the aisle. 10.Your tuxedo has your name in diamond studs on the back.
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