Welcome to GroomStand's bad wedding photos hall of fame. Don't let these bad wedding photos happen to you. Hire an experienced wedding photographer and never let them catch you in the bathroom, kissing a dog, or doing a kegstand. Comment below with funny captions!

Obscene PDA

awkward wedding photos.jpg
Um... mom, dad, I'm getting married here. Can you please stop making out and pay attention to me?
bride and dog photo.jpg
You may now kiss the pit bull.
dogs in background.png
Don't you hate it when others get it on in your wedding shots?

Signs you're too young to get married

bride doing keg stand.jpg
Quick, someone call Redneck Weddings. How do you get beer out of a wedding gown?
gangstar wedding.jpg
Is this an actual gang sign? Throwing up the peace sign, however angry you do it, does not make you Tupac. We wonder how she covered up her prison ink.

Just Plain Creepy

floating rings pics.jpg
Lord of the rings.
corpse bride.jpg
The Time Traveler's Bride. Is the groom aware he's about to marry a corpse?


bridal shoes wedding photo.jpg
Getting carried away.
wedding photo shoes.jpg
Don't you hate it when someone else steals your attention on your wedding? Usually, that someone is a pregnant bridesmaid or cute flower girl. This time, it's a pair of shoes.
wedding photo guy foot up.jpg
Love makes you want to kick up your heels. But it shouldn't make you forget you're a man.
Hilariously bad wedding photos found at Awkward Wedding Photos Facebook group and Temple of Groom.