Flask it to me, baby! Besides being a favorite groomsmen gift and best man gift (complete with engraved name or initials) the flask has a long and storied history. Chronicled in historical documents (otherwise known as TV shows and movies), flasks play a bigger part in our lives than you would think. So the question is, if you don't have one, how can you get one? And if you're looking for some flask inspired motivation, let me help you with my list of famous flask drinkers....must be 21 or over. Enjoy responsibly. Homer Simpson- The Simpsons. Keeps his flask in a cut out Bible. "No wonder they call it the good book. Slurp."
Independence Day - The weasel-y bad guy, Arnold Nimzicki, after he's fired, gets to share off a regular old persons flask as they wait to see if the human race will be extinguished or not. James Bond- Her Majesty's Secret Service: After Bond has tendered his resignation (or so he thinks), he returns to his desk and cleans out items from some of his previous adventures. He pulls out a silver flask of liquor and prepares to take a drink, but realizes he's staring at a portrait of Queen Elizabeth. We see Bond reflected in the portrait's glass as he raises the flask, says "Sorry, ma'am," and takes a drink.
Mona Lisa Smile- this one's for the ladies- Maggie Gyllenhaal's character Giselle Levy carries around a flask and uses it regularly. Bad Santa- Billy Bob's character Willie takes one last belt from a pocket flask, before going into the mall, which he then chucks the flask against a Mercedes' windshield while Dean Martin's "Let it Snow" plays during a heat wave. X-Files Movie- Fox Mulder hands Walter Skinner his empty beer bottle and pulls a small flask from his back pocket. He takes several large swallows, screwing up his face a little. "But I work for free." Pulp Fiction- There was more than a wallet in this movie. John Travolta's character Vincent Vega shows off his multi-tasking skills while drinking from a flask, driving and shooting heroin at the same time.
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Brian Griffin- Family Guy. Brian drinks out a flask to stay warm, but alas Stewie informs him that alcohol doesn't actually warm the body, it constricts the blood. Across the Universe- When Jude first meets Max and saves him from getting beat up, he offers him some 'Princeton hospitality' and tosses him a flask. Band of Brothers- Nixon refills his flask from his bottle in Winter's footlocker, "I don't know why I'm still doing this," Nixon says cheerfully. Winter, back at his desk, looks up. "Drinking?" he asks. "No, hiding it in your foot locker," Nixon replies, filling his flask. "I'm a captain, for christ sake." Winters: "Why don't you just give it up?" Nixon: "Drinking?" Winters: "No, hiding it in my foot locker. You're a captain, for pete's sake."