I have always been amazed at spaghetti western saloon-keepers who can slide a mug of beer down the length of a bar counter. How only a few drops of brew spill out of the glass as it passes rummy after rummy until reaching its final destination is truly remarkable. Mr. Tom Cocktail Cruise has got nothing on these guys. Yes, Mr. Tom Scientology Cruise can flip a bottle in the air, catch it and make a Seabreeze, but honestly that's amateur hour. I'd like to see Mr. Katie Holmes launch a mug of pilsner across a wood surface as it dodges in an out of bowls of salted nuts. To be fair to Mr. Tom Why The Hell Was I In Vanilla Sky? Cruise, I know this is not an easy trick to do. As an ex-bartender, I never had much luck with this maneuver. After several failed attempts, including one which sent a schooner flying off the bar and knocking a woman unconscious, I retired my mug shuffle board career and went back to placing beverages gently on a coaster. Then on my hunt for groomsmen gifts I stumbled across the Rawlings Home Plate Coasters. These leather coasters (6 in all) are shaped like a baseball diamond's home plate! They invite glassware to slide into them, and being a fan of America's Pastime, I am all too happy to oblige. They're perfect groomsmen gifts for guys who love sports! And if you're worried about spillage on leather, don't be. The more water marks (er, booze marks!) on the coaster, the more it will start looking like your favorite old glove. Also, each coaster can be personalized with three initials so these groomsmen gifts will make your buddies feel really special. Step to the plate, sports fan! WARNING: Practice sliding mugs into home plate filled with water first. No use wasting good beer.