The bachelor party has been set. It's time for the groomsmen to take the groom out for one last hurrah, and that final hurrah can only mean one thing -- donkey show at El Diablo's in Tijuana, Meh-hee-ko! (Zagats gives it 4 out of 5 stars and so does this reviewer!) You haven't lived until you've heard a donkey bray with a Spanish accent. As you plan for this delightful little jaunt South of the border, a few questions will undoubtedly arise: Q: Will I die? A: No. Tia Juana's tourism industry is vital to the local economy. They want you and your boys to leave the country happy (without any unexpected "groomsmen gifts") so that you will return again and enjoy the city's other unique live theatre offerings. For example, this fall Casa de Chi-Chi will be staging The Man of La Mancha staring Donkey Blow-Me. I smell Tony! No, not Tony Award. Antonio Tony' Munez, the enigmatic artistic director of the theatre. He never bathes. Q: Do I need my shots? A: No. The cover charge at El Diablo includes inoculation. Diptep, Tetanus, Hepatitis B -- they got em all, AND they'll even salt the tip of the syringe for you. Q: Should I pack lightly? A: That's your call. You know your glands better than I do. I do, however, know you will need to pack your gear in a Logan Deluxe Duffle Bag. It's lightweight and crafted with durable water-resistant fabric so if you spill tequila on it, no problemo -- easy clean-up! It's also got brass hardware, heavy-duty zippers, leather detailing and a padded shoulder strap perfect for slinging over your torso as you dart in an out of street vendors selling Chiclets. And the best part, you can get the bag personally monogrammed for zero pesos! What great groomsmen gifts! So, hasta luego, groomigos! Have a great trip and don't forget to bring back a little something for the brideand make sure that little something is not syphilis.