Phil Mickelson plays golf. I play golf. But the only thing I have in common with Lefty is man-boobs. Don't know how Phil is able to consistently sink difficult putts with two flesh pendulums swinging to and fro under the influence of gravity, but he does, defying laws of physics and draining one ball after another. Since I can't buy God given Phil Mickelson golfing ability, I can open my wallet and purchase a new putter that will help my game. That, and a sports bra. Not wanting to spend a fortune on a new club because it would just end up wrapped around a tree or drowned in a water hazard, I did some research and found a great putter at a great price at Yes, this club works great for giving as groomsmen gifts, but you don't need a pending wedding to walk around with a great putter in your bag. Its handcrafted hickory shaft will transport you back in time to the glory day of St. Andrews when drunken, one-toothed duffers named Angus walked the course. The balanced zinc alloy head comes in either black or brass and each club shaft can be engraved with a personal message so you can get it marked as yours or show your guys you remember their names when you give these as groomsmen gifts. Mine says, Man-Boob Mulligan. Also, don't feel you have to limit your putter play to the big course. Feel free to break out Ol' Hickory for a rousing round of miniature golf. Show those snot nosed pre-teens waiting behind you who's the boss as you, with laser-like accuracy, nail that clown in the mouth for a hole-in-one. I sure did. No one screws with Man-Boob Mulligan!