Shocking...isn't it? After this news, check out the Hugh Hefner Guide to Groomsmen Gifts

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One of Hugh Hefner's live-in girlfriends and co-star of the show "Girls Next Door" decided to trade the grotto for the gridiron, according to the Lehigh Valley. Kendra Wilkinson, (the dullard with the fake gangster accent) is engaged to Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett.

"I have given her my blessing and will be giving her away at a very special wedding ceremony at the Playboy Mansion this coming June," Hefner said.

Whoa. Wait a minute - so this Philadelphia Eagle swooped in, stole one of his many ladies and now Hef is giving her away at the ceremony? What is he, her Dad? Lately, Hef's girlfriends are dropping like flies. Last month his number one called it quits and now Kendra is gone.

Whether you're rooting for Hugh or Philadelphia Eagle Hank, if you make it to the mansion, show up armed with some groomsmen gifts. There are two types of guys in the world: Hugh Hefner and everyone else. We carry groomsmen gifts for both.

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Groomsmen Gifts for Playboys

If your bachelor buddies strut around in smoking jackets, give them something to smoke. Cigarettes are out. Nothing says Hef like scotch and a cigar. Thisdeluxe four-piece cigar holder and bar set gives even the most uncool guy a playboy mystique. And surely, with all that cash Hugh could use a fancy money clip like this double slot money clip.

Groomsmen Gifts for Football Fans

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We wish Kendra and Hank the best. But Basket has some mighty loafers to fill. Being the boyfriend after Hugh Hefner can't be easy - even for a Philadelphia Eagle. Note to Hank: GroomStand already picked out groomsmen gifts, so you got that going for you! This personalized NFL pub sign makes your buddies on the bench look like they're part of the team. And the pub sign can be personalized with the Philadelphia Eagles' logo! Whenever your friends gather around to watch "the game" make sure he's got his own beer stein. There's nothing worse than drinking from a stein that supports a rival team (psst...the Redskins). This personalized NFL beer stein is a fan favorite.

Whether your boys are Hugh types or sports fans, you'll find personalized groomsmen gifts at GroomStand.