Just recently I attended my brother-in-law's bachelor party that was held at an Indian Casino. I had never been to an Indian Casino before and was quite impressed. Who would've thought that under one roof you get could cash your chips in for wampum AND get frosty mug of firewater? But I digress. My brother-in-law's best man, let's call him Rick (because that's his actual name), thought it would be funny to have my brother-in-law, let's call him Rick (because coincidentally that's his name, too) walk around all night holding a plastic black ball tethered to his ankle by a plastic black chain. Ah, the ol' ball and chain gag. "Hey, look at Rick everybody. Rick made Rick wear a ball and chain because Rick's getting married next week. Get it? Ball and chain?!" Yeah, we get it, Rick! Not that clever. All you had to do was look at Rick's face to see that Rick was embarrassed that Rick made Rick wear that stupid thing. C'mon, Rick! Get creative! Don't make us start calling you Dick'and don't leave your boy Rick hanging as he plays craps while holding a plastic bowling ball. There's a better way to show the world your best friend is getting married, and that you support the next chapter in his life -- give him a Last Night of Freedom t-shirt! This 100% cotton ditty is an awesome gift for the groom, and he will not be embarrassed to wear it anywhere! And let's not forget groomsmen gifts for the groomsmen. They can sport Last Night of Freedom Crew t-shirts in support of the groom-to-be. Both shirts can be personalized with the name of the groom and/or groomsmen on the back for free. I wish Rick knew about these t-shirts before he broke out the ol' ball and chain. If I knew about them, I'd certainly know who to give the "Dick" t-shirt to.