The GroomStand Halloween Guide: Hold on to your groomsmen gifts

When the epic sages of Metallica said "sleep with one eye open, clutching your pillow tight..." they were clearly referring to the GroomStand Halloween Wedding Guide. Indeed, it's that time again, brave grooms. So clutch your tuxes, try not to scream like your bride, and coat your

Enter our haunted wedding cake gallery. Take a bite...but beware... the baker might play a little trick with the treat. Ma ha ha. From skulls to spider webs to corpse brides, these spooktacular wedding cakes are your worst nightmare come true.

cake gallery

rat cake.jpg
It's not a wedding cake, but this cake is so gory we couldn't help but to post it. Those are rats feasting on a severed arm. Sweet dreams tonight grooms.

Trick or Treat: Ghoulish Groomsmen Gifts

To add some scary spice to your groomsmen gifts, why not give them in traditional goodie bags? Here are the spookiest groomsmen gifts we could find! When it comes to Halloween groomsmen gifts, it doesn't get more ghoulish than zombies and skeletons.

A zombie-fied groomsmen! Zombies make the best groomsmen. They're quiet and known to throw a killer bachelor party. Ok, so their finger might fall into your cake and they have questionable taste in formal attire, but so what? PS. Don't get more than one of these groomsmen gifts or you'll have a zombie army on your hands.
Thumbnail image for dream skull.jpg
There's nothing scarier than the resurrection of disco. Found at My Dream Skulls.

Scary Wedding Dance

We've seen the Thriller wedding dance a dozen times before. But really, do you think we'd do a Halloween wedding post without it?

You made it through the Groomstand Halloween Guide and you're still alive. Now how about a slice of that rat cake? Didn't think so. While you try to get your appetite back (good luck) shop GroomStand for groomsmen gifts and other wedding-day accessories. Boo!