We’re putting all our talk of best man gifts and groomsmen gifts aside for a bit to bring you some timely tales of wedding disaster. In honor of Halloween, these urban legends about weddings are just for fun – or, are they? Oooooh, a little spooky! If you are planning a Halloween wedding or shower, these would make for some scary, spine-tingling storytelling. Just make sure that your guests have a good, sturdy drink in one of our personalized wine glasses, beer mugs or shot glasses to calm their nerves.

Bride-and-Seek: At a wedding reception that was becoming increasingly drunken, the bride, groom and friends decided to play hide-and-seek. When the groom was “it,” he easily found all the participants in the game, except for his wife. The wedding party searched for hours and hours without finding her. Everyone suspected that she had a case of cold feet after saying “I do” and was a runaway bride. The groom went home alone and never heard from her again. Several years later, a cleaning lady was in the attic of the reception venue and opened an old truck. She found the decomposed body of the missing bride, her face frozen in a scream, as she realized she was locked in what would become her coffin.

A Dress to Die for: A young bride who didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a wedding dress bought a used gown at a pawn shop. She thought it was a good way to save a few bucks on her wedding expenses. The dress had originally belonged to a deceased woman whose family had her buried in in but later decided they needed the money the dress would bring at a pawn store. So, the woman’s family had her exhumed at had the dress removed. Unaware of these disturbing details, the new owner of the dress couldn’t have been happier with her purchase. That is, until things began to take a turn for the worse at the reception. Still wearing the dress, the bride started to feel light-headed and sick to her stomach – she died on the spot minutes later. As a result of the autopsy and investigation, it was discovered that she had been poisoned by the embalming fluid that had been used on the dead woman. The fluid seeped from the cadaver, onto the dress, and put a quick end to her “until death do we part’ vows.

The Fatal Tan: We’ve heard this same story of vanity gone awry for a bride, but never for a groom – until now! A young groom feels he is too pale to look good in his wedding attire and sparkling new cufflinks and later on the honeymoon on a tropical island. To remedy this and impress his bride, he goes to several tanning salons every day for the maximum allotted time at each salon. He kept his tanning addiction a secret, only commenting that he had been spending a lot of time outdoors when asked. On the fifth day of tanning session after tanning session, the groom is found dead in one of the tanning beds. It seems his internal organs were sunburned from the inside.

Are you having a Halloween wedding or have you ever been to one? What would be some good ideas for spooky groomsmen gifts or best man gifts? Let us know in the comments below.