Lately there has been a rash of crazy, creative Romeos keep upping the bar on how to propose marriage to a sweetheart. Let's just say that proposing on the football field jumbotron's "Kiss Cam" is just so pass_. WE TV's wedding show, "Put a Ring on It," captures the best new ideas for proposals and helps the groom-to-be execute his vision for snagging the girl and getting a resounding "yes" to his heartfelt question!

In this episode, New York City guy, Michael, decided that he wanted to "stop time" when he proposed to his girlfriend of 3 _ years, Nadia. Inspired by a viral video, Michael's proposal day happened in a quaint courtyard restaurant where the bride-to-be was lured in under other auspices. As Michael walks into the room to her surprise, the chatter and clinking of glasses was noticeably loud, but as he snapped his fingers all the bystanders and diners became as quiet and still as statues.

Michael got down on bended knee, flashed her the rock and asked the question -- of course, Nadia says "YES"! A few hug and sweet nothings later,Michael snaps his fingers again to re-energize the crowd who breaks out in celebratory applause. We're not sure how you could make a day more special, but a personalized gift for the bride from the groom (in addition to the ring)would be nice. A personalized bottle cooler holding Champaign and two toasting glasses are perfect for the post-proposal celebrating!