Adventurous Outdoor Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties have traditionally been the stuff of alcohol-marinated, strip club debauchery. But maybe the groom for whom you are planning a bachelor party isn’t into that kind of debauchery – no matter how much you might wish him to be No judgments here; every man has different interests and his wishes should always be respected when it comes to his own stag night. If you are trying to sidestep the boobs-and-booze type of party, you may be onto something big if you plan an “active” bachelor party. Many guys like to get their thrills from the great outdoors, not from smoky, shadowy, and sleazy situations that make him look like a guilty suspect the next day. Plus, you don’t want him to have to spend his budget for groomsmen gifts on bailing himself and everyone else out of jail the next day. Keeping this in mind, an “outdoor adventure” bachelor party is sure to get hearts pounding in much healthier ways – especially if you consider he won’t be killed the next day by an angry bride. Here are some outdoor bachelor party ideas to get you started:

Whitewater Rafting: A wet dream in so many ways, careening down a raging river in a plastic raft and a half-dozen buddies is the perfect weekend for many grooms. The groom can gear you guys up with personalized pocket knives and other survival gear for groomsmen gifts and you can guarantee the bride that he won’t even look at another woman while he’s away -- -that’s because there probably won’t even be any women there!

National Park Tripping: Rent an RV and hit the open roads with a famous geographical destination in mind like Yellowstone, Yosemite, or the Grand Canyon. If the groom is an outdoor die-hard, you can skip the luxury of an RV and pitch tents instead. Spend the days hiking, fishing and exploring and the nights cooking dinner over a bonfire and drinking beer under the stars.

Ski and Snowboarding: For grooms planning a winter wedding, a trip to enjoy snow sports is sure to be a fun fest. The wedding party can wear themselves out on the slopes until the sun drops and then hit the active nightlife scene in most towns. Whether you stay at a fancy resort or rough it at a cabin, a weekend of ski-bumming makes a great bachelor send off. Remember the ski vacation with a personalized sign featuring an alpine adventurer.

Sun and Surfing: If you live near the ocean or a ready to road trip it, even the most laid-back groom will be going crazy to find out his bachelor party is a surf, surf, surfing safari! Take lessons if necessary and enjoy all the scenery of the beach, you can also take your newfound skills to the sidewalks on longboards. Plus, all the guys will get that “healthy glow” by being out in the sunshine – just don’t get sunburned bright red or you’ll stick out painfully on the wedding day. At night, drink beer on the beach in these awesome surfside design personalized beer mugs.

Get Engines Revving: Indulge that need for speed at a race-car driving school with no worries about getting a ticket. This adrenaline-infusing bachelor party idea will be a real thrill for the groom and help him focus his nervous energy on the race track rather than the impending walk down the aisle. The groom can send y’all home with race car themed groomsmen gifts like our NASCAR steak brand, decked out with a driver’s signature and car number.