Along a desolate stretch of South Florida lies what could possibly be your ultimate man cave and one heck of a place to host a bachelor party! Of course, youÍll have to have deep pockets and a fondness for decorating because this utilitarian underground abode is on the market for nearly five million dollars and (to put it mildly) needs an overhaul of epic proportions to make it comfortable enough for a hangout.

Originally built in 1967 by AT&T as a corporate bomb shelter, this sprawling complex was intended to support up to five people (including state-of-the-arts communications systems for the era) for 30 days in the event of a nuclear disaster. ItÍs the bomb! A graduated block faade with blast-proof doors is what you see from ground up, but underneath the mound of 30-inch concrete walls is a doomsday hideout decked out with all the must-haves to survive an atomic event. This includes decontamination showers upon entry, 200-kilowatt generators, massive air-intake tunnels and a custom ventilation system. Even though the structure has been abandoned since the 1980s, the pantry shelves are still stocked with cans of sugar and milk solids. Okay, you might want to toss those along with everything else!

But even though none of the power or equipment works, sellers insist that this space could make the transformation into the most deluxe of bachelor pads. If you donÍt mind dropping a ton of dough and expending some elbow grease on this fixer-upper, then you definitely could have one of the coolest man caves ever. Just imagine having a hang-out where not many people could track you down; itÍs the ultimate escape! So, how would you decorate this 7,000 square-foot fall-out shelter? Here are some of our ideas:

Add a rich, mahogany pool table to encourage friendly competition with your buddies. Playing pool can really pass the time if you are whiling away the hours until the radiation clears, or just having a guyÍs night! A personalized sign for billiards should most definitely be hanging on the nearest wall.

Install an epic bar area where you can treat guests to any and every drink they could possible imagine. Stock assorted barware (personalized with your monogram of course) such as martini glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, wine glasses and more.

Set up a massive big screen television for watching sports games, action movies and video game contests. If you should prefer a little old-school entertainment, retire to the poker table and break out professional-grade poker supplies, perfect for wheeling and dealing way into the wee hours. Even a personalized domino set makes a nice diversion when stuck underground.

This sort of man cave is also perfect for the enjoyment of cigars. Stock the finest in your collection in a top-of-the-line cigar humidor to ensure that proper moisture levels are maintained and leave about handsome cigar ashtrays to make sure the floor isnÍt sullied with ashes. DonÍt forget about cigar cutters, Zippo lighters and all the other necessary supplies.

Hint, if youÍre getting together with your friends before the Big Day, any of these cool man-cave supplies also make excellent groomsmen gifts. And, since most can be personalized with an initial, monogram, name or special message, they make thoughtful keepsakes from your bachelor event.

Come on guys, do you have any other ideas on decking out this man cave? Share them in the comments below.