April Fool

While getting married is a serious matter, thereÍs no reason not to add a little fun to the festivities, especially on and around April FoolÍs Day. Or, if you have a reputation for pranks and practical jokes, you could get away with a shenanigan or two at a celebration any time of the year. While it probably isnÍt in good taste to pull off a prank at the actual ceremony, the other wedding events are fair game _ such as the bachelor party, wedding showers, bridal events, family lunches, and so on.

While pranks are fun, you donÍt want to poke fun, upset, or embarrass the friends, family and other guests who have gathered to support you during this time. What you think is funny could be interpreted as mean-spirited or malicious by another, thatÍs why itÍs always a good idea to run your prank through a few ñgates.î Reveal the prank to at least one close comrade or family member to make sure that itÍs not too ñover the top.î You donÍt want to make the bride cry or send her mother into a hissy fit. And, you definitely donÍt want to initiate a prank unless you are the bride or the groom; otherwise you risk losing a friendship. Here are some fun ideas for an April FoolÍs Day prank at a wedding-related event:

  • Tie candy Ring Pops onto the ring bearÍs pillow. Of course youÍll have the real bling hidden in the best manÍs pocket and the pint-sized wedding helper can keep the edible rings as one of his >ring bearer gifts.
  • Arrange for a celebrity impersonator to show up at your wedding, especially a sexy star who will make the groomsmenÍs jaws drop. Think of what a fun groomsman gift this would be! Snap a picture so each buddy can show off his celebrity meet-up long after the wedding.>
  • Hire a troop of professional yo-yo performers to entertain guests at the wedding reception before you arrive. Give each guest a >personalized yo-yo as a wedding favor and have them show of their new skills in a commemorative ñadviceî video for the bride and groom about the ñups and downsî of marriage.>
  • Surprise everyone watching and do the hokey pokey for your first dance. Shake it all about!>
  • Serve ñsurpriseî wedding food in a uber-formal setting. Imagine tuxedo-wearing waiters opening domed silver trays to reveal corn dogs, pork rinds or funnel cakes. Sure to get a laugh and get gobbled up.>
  • Put on one of those choreographed dance routines that turn into viral videos, like the Michael Jackson ñThrillerî dance that started it all! YouÍll have to practice for many hours with your buddies, but the reaction youÍll get from your audience is well worth it! Make sure to give the guys awesome >groomsmen gifts for being part of this prank!
  • Try to set a world record at your wedding and get all the guests to participate. Go for the largest amount of rose petals tossed, the fastest ñraceî down the wedding aisle, or the most years of marriage by all guests combined. Get creative and call in a Guinness Book representative to make it official.>
  • Create photo pranks like the shot where the groom has written the words ñhelp meî on the bottoms of his shoes, so that when he kneels the congregation will see is plea. Or, have all the groomsmen AND bridesmaids wear stick-on mustaches as they walk down the aisle, this is especially funny if you are a guy known for his distinctive facial hair.>
  • Fill the >groomsmen flasks with something unexpected like chocolate milk or prune juice.

  • The ideas go on and on. Do you have any good wedding prank ideas? Let us know in the comments below: