The Bachelor Party Competition

bachelor party scavenger hunt If you're looking to kick up the competition on your bachelor party night, a scavenger hunt just may be the answer. However, this isn't exactly the game from childhood that you may be remembering where finding a tame stuff from neighbors gets the win. Instead, create an epic party event that is half drinking game and half search for treasure, a combination that is sure to become stuff of legends with your groomsmen. Incorporate the search items all through the night, from the gathering and dinner to the bar and strip club (if this sort of entertainment is on the agenda). Each item on the list should be worth some predetermined amount of points (and reward shots of alcohol) and the winner gets bragging rights and immunity from having the photos shared. Of course, make sure that you have hired a car service or have a sober, designated driver. Don't forget to tie in awesome groomsmen gifts from such as a stash of personalized flasks or bachelor party t-shirts.

Here are some hunt ideas to get you and your groomsmen started:

  • Each married guest tells the groom most what he misses about being single, biggest sob story wins (let's see who is really being truthful).
  • Find a woman willing to let you do a body shot on her (no pictures please).
  • Find women with first names where the first letter spells out the name of the bride (eg: for the name Jenny find a Julie, Elizabeth, Nora, Natalie and Yvonne). Points for a harmless kiss from each girl).
  • Points for every situation found where a man and woman are arguing.
  • Points for every woman seen breaking a traffic law including talking on a cell phone.
  • Bachelor takes a shot for every woman driver breaking some sort of a traffic law.
  • Shots for any guy who receives a phone call or text from his significant other while out at the party.
  • Points for getting a photographed hug from the most attractive waitress in the restaurant.
  • Points for finding roads, stores and other landmarks that start with the first letter of the bride's name.
As the groom, there are just a few things you need to worry about when it comes to your wedding. In order of importance, your groomsmen gifts, the bachelor party and oh, yeah showing up dressed to the nines. So start the planning process for your bachelor party scavenger hunt!