Best Baseball Movies For Bachelor Event

Major League Baseball will open with pre-season games on May 28th and fans are buzzing about what the year holds. If you have a late spring or summer wedding planned, maybe you can get the guys together for one last hurrah at your favorite ball field before the Big Day. Even if the home team isn’t in town, you can still have a fun bachelor’s night focused on friendship and baseball flicks! You don’t have to be at the ballpark to break out the peanuts and Cracker Jack. In fact, you may want to break out the beer and serve it up in personalized MLB beer steins honoring the team of your choice. Give them groomsmen gifts or at least mark the occasion with really cool party favors; may we suggest mini replica baseball bats or awesome personalized MLB signs that can be displayed in the man cave or spot of sports watching.

Now that the question of groomsmen gifts is solved, it’s time to choose movies. There are so many great movies about baseball, it’s hard to decide on just one for your bachelor baseball night. Read through our top list and pick a few for your party.

Moneyball – This recent movie starring Brad Pitt is about a washed up player turned team general manager who looks to win on a budget using a computer-generated analysis of what players to recruit.

Field of Dreams – Another baseball movie featuring Kevin Costner, this movie romances baseball with the famous quote “If you build it they will come.” Portraying a farmer, Costner hears voices that tell him to build a diamond on his property which will eventually be used by the Black Sox.

The Rookie – The true story Jim Morris, played by Dennis Quaid, is about a high school baseball coach who follows his dreams to pitch in the big leagues and makes the roster for the Tampa Bay Rays at the old age of 35.

Major League- This comedy about a hodge-podge team of players assembled with the goal of losing so that the owner can legally move the team to another state. But, against all odds, the players achieve the impossible and become a winning team.

Bad Nears Bears or The Sand Lot – Either of these light-hearted movies would be great if you’ve got any little leaguers in the house, past or present.

The Natural – Starring Robert Redford, the plot follows baseball prospect Roy Hobbs who is shot by a serial killer targeting athletes. While he survives, his career takes 16 years to get back on track. In the final scene, Hobbs hits a home run into the lights, sparks flying down as he rounds the bases, one of film’s most recognizable sports scenes.

Bull Durham –This is one of the three baseball-themed movies Kevin Costner starred in over his career, and arguably the best. Realistic yet still entertaining, this flick focuses on the life of guys in the minor league.