Best Groomsmen Gifts EverYou can’t flip through a magazine or surf the web without being bombarded with some type of “The Best Of” list. From the best places to live, the best barbershops, the top universities and premier pizza shops, it’s always reassuring to know that you’re making a solid choice, a pick that other people validate by some criteria or another. When a newly engaged couple starts planning the Big Day, the quest for “bestness” is magnified exponentially. Typically, the bride, who sees the wedding as the culmination of all her romantic, knight in shining armor dreams, is the one pushing for perfection. If it was up to most guys, wearing jeans, eating barbeque and skipping the floral arrangements would be just fine for a wedding scenario. But, in the end, the usually bride gets her way and the couple joins together to put their best foot forward in an effort to impress guests with their fine taste and hospitality.

One of the tasks of the groom will be to seek out and purchase the groomsmen gifts, please do not leave this up to the bride unless you want your boys to be blessed with smelly spa baskets (she’ll say, ‘men need bath salts and facial masks, too’) or fussy photo frames (undoubtedly filled with a photo of the recipient looking uncool). Instead, we have compiled a list, yes a ‘best of’ list of the five best-selling groomsmen gifts that your friends will actually appreciate.

Personalized Shot Glass: Tequila, rum, vodka, scotch – a guy can never have too many shots or shot glasses to hold ‘em all in. Just call a taxi if you’re drinking away from home.

Personalized Beer Mug: Enthusiasts of ale will find favor with a great big beer mug engraved territorially with their name.

Multi-Function Tool: Loaded to the max, these sporty groomsmen gifts will satisfy the inner outdoorsman of any guy. Pop the top off a beer or saw off your own arm if caught under a bolder.

Engraved Cufflinks: Not as fussy as you’d think, most guys don’t even own a pair and have been secretly wishing to give off the dashing double agent vibe.

Personalized Mini Whiskey Barrel: Wow your buddies with a completely unique pick in groomsmen gifts. Scaled down in size, but not usability, this awesome way to age spirits will make anyone feel like a master distiller.