Big Blazing Bachelor Party Idea - BBQ Lessons

It’s time your buds took the big plunge – no not getting married, that’s a little situation you’ve gotten yourself into. We’re talking about learning how to cook (at least outdoors) and fending for oneself so that those bachelor bellies won’t have to depend on mama’s spaghetti or the drive through at the local burger joint. Teaching you buds how to cook is a hands-on idea for your gifts for groomsmen, one they can use forever.

A fun and frankly quite practical bachelor party idea is to fire up the grill for ‘Basic BBQ Training’ for the boys. We’re talking hunks of meat marinated, rubbed and grilled up to perfection, not fussy recipes that have weird ingredients that have to be measured and mixed up with precision. But, take some fire, raw meat and a little beer, salt and pepper for seasoning and you really can whip up a man-handled masterpiece!

There are outside party-planners that can bring in master chefs to teach your BBQ bachelor party, you can even possibly reach out to your state’s Beef Council for some free tips and training. Fire up the grills before the training so they’ll be raring hot to go. Have the guys learn all about the different cuts of meat, how to marinated and season, and how to tell when dinner is done (a meat thermometer registers about 145 F degrees or passes the finger test for doneness). Also, show them how to mark their territory with a steak brand – also a fitting choice in groomsmen gifts at a barbeque bachelor party.