Acquisition to Accelerate Sales Growth; Consolidation Expected to Lower Prices and Increase Customer Experience in 2022

SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Oct. 28 2021 -- BrandDepot, an e-commerce company that helps brands and businesses with expert print production, announced on October 1st, 2021 that they have acquired Stickers Depot, Custom Truckers, Cups On Demand, and Personalized Mugs, which are all national distributors of custom marketing products. The acquisition and consolidation is expected to position BrandDepot as a premiere provider in the e-commerce and on demand manufacturing marketplaces.

"As Print on Demand and E-commerce continue to grow at a rapid pace, customers are consistent on what they care about: price, quality, and experience," said BrandDepot co-founder Shaun Roberts. "We are able to leverage our process to deliver these custom products, on demand, and without minimum order requirements."

Under the terms of the agreement, BrandDepot will move forward as a collective e-commerce company with a continued focus on creating lasting user impressions through custom products made in their North Carolina facilities. In its short life, BrandDepot has been able to achieve a revenue run rate of $4M and is on pace to hit $10M run rate by early 2022. With its niche fixed upon the customer experience, proprietary technology, and manufacturing facilities, BrandDepot is able to offer lower prices, faster shipping, and an overall better journey than available on the market. 

BrandDepot is led by successful leaders in both e-commerce and print production. This unique leadership combination allows BrandDepot to position itself as a market leader in this growing space.

"We are ramping up our production capacity to achieve the level of growth we anticipate,” said co-founder Jeff Walsh.