Embrace Your Inner Groomzilla

Who says guys donÍt care a flip about weddings? Wedding planners across the country say they are seeing an increase in the number of discerning and demanding soon-to-be husbands out there and, for a lack of a better name, are calling them ñgroomzillasî after the so-old-news-theyÍre-out ñbridezillasî that have taken the wedding industry and media by storm. If a guy can be a ñmetrosexualî, totally straight yet concerned with the aesthetics of everything, then why wouldnÍt this logically apply to planning a wedding as well.

Aside from wanting to express personality through style and fashion, there are other reasons why a normally mild-mannered guy might turn into a groomzilla. ThereÍs that whole ego, competition thing that guys have with other guys. If a buddy had two meat carving stations at his reception, then the one-upper groom may insist on three or more. Suddenly 100 guests and a DJ on the dance floor don't sound as grand as a party for 500 with a performance by the hottest band in town.

WhoÍs footing the bill may also have something to do with a guy going all groomzilla during the wedding planning. According to the Fairchild Bridal Group, nearly one-third of newlyweds paid for their wedding in 2005 instead of a parent. Traditionally, when the femaleÍs mother and father are paying, then the bride is the final authority on all wedding purchase, but when the groom is financially responsible or the couple is chipping in together then the man has a much larger role in decision-making.

So, if you feel like selecting the font for the wedding invitations, picking out both the groomsmen gifts and the bridesmaid gifts, or tasting each and every filling for the cake, donÍt be afraid to stand up for yourself. ItÍs the biggest day of your life, too! So get out of the way, Miss ñitÍs all about meî _ groomzillas are here to get their fair share of the spotlight.