Flash Mob Dance and Marching Band Proposal

When a guy orchestrates a public proposal, he certainly has to be sure that the object of his affection is not going to turn him down. Just think of how embarrassing it would be to get a rejection on the Jumbotron at a basketball game or, worse yet, on a reality television show. Spoiler alert, this viral video we found on youtube.com has a happy ending -- the girl says ñyes.î

So, apparently on June 9, 2012 a young man proposed to girlfriend in Bryant Park. It wasnÍt the typical proposal one might expect in a park, like asking ñwill you marry meî after a romantic picnic lunch or stroll around the flower gardens. It was a proposal with a lot, a LOT of pomp and circumstance. It was a dancing flash mob, whoohoo!

The groom-to-be invited his girlfriend to meet him for an alfresco lunch; he said why you donÍt bring your best friend along too. So, as the two young ladies arrived at the park, an unfamiliar woman ushered them to a patio table on the square decked out for the event with a table cloth and small bouquet of roses. This was the first sign that something unusual was up.

Then, the girl moved into the grassy area and started to dance. I bet the bride-top-be was mortified, was the beginning of some sort of strip show? Thank goodness, dozens of other men and women joined into the choreographed dance routine to Michael JacksonÍs ñThe Way You Make Me Feel.î It was a moving, grooving love poem. It was an early gift from the groom to the bride. Take a look for yourself!

Wow, what is going on! As the flash mob dance ended, an entire marching band from Port Chester High School came bounding down the lawn playing ñHey Baby, I Wanna Know if YouÍll Be My Girl.î Trumpets, trombones, tubas, snare drums and all! We think there may have even been a harmonica! At the same time, hidden in the vicinity of the park, all of the bride-to-beÍs friends and relatives revealed themselves and joined in the spectacle. You could tell she was putting two-and-two together just as her boyfriend revealed himself _ as the uniformed drum major!

He got down on one knee and asked the fateful question _ thankfully as we mentioned earlier, she said ñyesî and he popped the top on the engagement ring box to reveal the bling. The credits at the end of the video list ñKusturiss Jewelersî as part of the day. WeÍre wondering if this showman arranged a trade-off _ a ring for publicity! This is not a bad idea. Approach a jeweler and say, IÍm planning a viral video and hoping for 2 million hits (which is about what this guy got), why donÍt you give me a mega-buck diamond ring and IÍll mention your name.

If you have great video skills, an outgoing personality and what it takes to make internet video connoisseurs flock to your clever clip, this might be an excellent way to fund an elaborate and over-the-top wedding. You could approach all types of vendors for ñproduct placement,î not just for the engagement ring. What about wheeling and dealing for the honeymoon, the tuxedos, the groomsmen gifts, or heck, that new red sports car youÍve had your eye on!

Are you planning on bartering like this for any of your wedding-related expenses? Give us tips in the comments below.