With the holidays coming to a close, many men are looking to get fit for the New Year, especially the grooms out there! If youÍve spent the last month overindulging on eggnog, fudge, and tenderloin with all the trimmings, it might be time to make a new healthy game plan so that you look and feel your best on the wedding day. ThatÍs right, itÍs not just the brides who are worried about showing themselves off in the best light to their prospective spouse and wedding guests, the guys are worried too these days. Whether you have one month or six months left before that walk down the aisle, itÍs time to get after it and do some hard work _ the results will be well worth it. ItÍs a gift for the groom that only you can give to yourself. HereÍs a straightforward plan to get you started.

Eat less, eat healthier. Take a good look at what youÍre eating and donÍt kid yourself _ is it really healthy. Low-carb, high-protein, low-fat, Paleo, The Zone, plant-based, whatever; there are a million diets out there and weÍre not advocating a specific one. But, just be mindful about what youÍre putting into your body versus how much energy you are expending. Just because you are working out, doesnÍt mean you can reward yourself with tons of extra food, especially if your goal is to lose weight. Also, remember to drink plenty of water; not only is it hydrating but can help turn off your hunger signals between meals. Carry around one of our personalized water bottles; also a great choice in groomsmen gifts.

Burn calories with cardio three to five times per week. Whether you are running, cycling, boxing or jumping rope, do some form of cardiovascular exercise every other day for 30 minutes, at a minimum. And no, golf really isnÍt an endurance sport. If this seems like a chore, enlist the help of your buddies to keep you company and pass the time away while you are pounding the pavement. Pick up our sports bag for yourself and to give as groomsmen gifts; itÍs a great way to pack your gear if you are heading to run or bike after work.