Think grown men dressing alike is for weirdoes and wimps? Well think again, because there are a couple times in a guyÍs life that itÍs okay for the entire wolf pack to dress up identically. The most obvious is on a manÍs actual wedding day when the whole line-up of groomsmen and ushers wear carbon-copy tuxedos. But the bachelor party is increasingly becoming a popular night to ditch individual style for a unified front of fashion.

Whether you are heading out for a day of golf on his favorite course or spending the weekend in Vegas whooping it up, bachelor party t-shirts ensure that the world knows that the man of honor is celebrating his last days of freedom and his pals are supporting him one hundred percent. If you are the groom, you may have bigger and better groomsmen gifts in mind, but bachelor party t-shirts make inexpensive and practical presents that will bring the boys together in old-fashioned male bonding. Plus, most are made from 100% cotton, making them cool and comfortable and easy to wash for a second night of wearing. And, if the shirt gets stained with lipstick or vomit, itÍs no big loss to toss in the trash before the guests head home to reality., the leader in groomsmen gifts has several different styles of personalized t-shirts that can be custom-made for your guyÍs only event. Most are emblazoned with the name and wedding ñtitleî of the recipient; some even are made for specific stag parties such as those in Vegas or with a special theme. So, donÍt overlook the use of bachelor party t-shirts as groomsmen gifts for the men in your pre-wedding posse. These shirts send the message that the party crew is coming through and are perfect for staging group photos and drunkenly picking each other out of a crowded bar.