Groom Gives Future Bride Winning Lottery Ticket

Now this is a great gift from the groom to the bride - a winning lottery ticket. If you want to know how marriage changes your life and want a really unusual answer, just ask Missouri couple Robert Russell and Tracie Rogers. For an early wedding gift, Russell presented his betrothed with your standard scratch off card. However, the only thing that wasn't standard about this $10 lottery ticket was that it was a winner - a big $250,000 winner.

Think how your heart would start pitter-pattering and your cheeks would become flushed at the sight of a quarter million dollars - it would be just like love! The couple could really use the money as he's been laid off from a welding job and she is unemployed as well. The bride and groom, who've been together for 12 years, plan to keep their wedding simple and use the windfall to help pay off the mortgage on a house so that the marriage can start off without the stress of debt.

Why not treat your bride-to-be with a couple lottery tickets in honor of your big wedding day, it's not a sure bet by any means, but just some good,light-natured fun. If you win, imagine the awesome honeymoon you could plan or the wild reception you could throw. And, if you lose (which is the likely scenario), you've only tossed a few dollars down the drain. Even the buddies standing at your side would be thrilled to receive lottery tickets as part of their groomsmen gifts - especially if they are the winning ones!