Groom TrendsGrooms are no longer taking second seat to the brides. Everywhere you look it’s groom this and groom that. While it may be your fiancée’s ‘Big Day,’ isn’t it a landmark day in your life too? Yes it is, so why not man up and take charge! If you want to make wedding planning and the entire wedding planning experience more ‘equal opportunity,’ then check out these trends that men who are getting married in 2013 can’t stop talking about.

Groom Blogs: Guys are coming out of the woodwork, men who aren’t ashamed to say that they enjoy the wedding planning process. Some love it maybe even more than the bride-to-be. From the selection of the bands (both rings and musical entertainment) to the styling the fashion profile of the groomsmen, these sites can be useful to gather practical tips and enjoy laughs as well. While there is admittedly a fine selection of groom blogs out there, we’re partial to this blog at

Bourbon Bars: You can tell a man has had a hand in the reception planning if you see a bourbon bar. It’s becoming increasingly popular to designate a drink station serving the groom’s favorite bourbon, scotch or whiskey. Arrange for comfortable upholstered chairs to be set up in pairs and small groupings to encourage conversation and lounging. Serve full high-balls of bourbon on the rocks or offer several samples of various whiskies in shot glasses. Our mini whiskey barrel creates the ambiance of the aging cellar in a distillery; set several out on the bar filled with different varieties of the spirit. You can treat your friends each to their own as tasteful groomsmen gifts.

Socks: In 2012, fun and flashy ties were all the rage. This year the party has moved downward to the feet – socks! Not just for preventing ‘cold feet,’ socks are a way for grooms to make a fashion statement when wearing a conservative suit or tuxedo. Women shouldn’t have all the fun with accessorizing. Add a little zing with socks in bright colors with strips, polka-dots or other novelty looks. Make sure to gather up the groomsmen for a group photo where all the guys are pulling up their pant legs to show off the fun!

Co-ed Bachelor(ette) Parties: It almost sounds unheard of, but many of today’s couples are merging the bachelor and bachelorette parties into a single mega event. Organizing a boy-girl group event such as a dinner party, camping weekend, wine-tasting tour or pool party will give a chance for the bride’s party to meet and bond with groom’s party. Who knows, maybe a new engagement will come out of the cross mingling. Some of the best groomsmen gifts and bridesmaid gifts will be having everyone together – of course, you’ll want to treat them to a personalized gift from the event as a remembrance.

Male Engagement Rings: Even though many might dismiss the male engagement ring trend as a marketing ploy put forth by jewelers to rake in more money, there is some sound reasoning behind the idea to wear one. If the woman is wearing a ring to symbolize her dedication to her fiancé, why shouldn’t the man? If you are the kind of guy who is not comfortable wearing jewelry on the hands, another special piece of jewelry could be substituted like engraved cufflinks personalized with a special message.

Do you plan on incorporating any of these groom trends in your wedding planning? Let us know in the comments below.