Welcome to our gallery of grooms behaving badly. Weddings bring out our wild sides. But most of us aren't caught on tape. These grooms had the misfortune of cameras catching them at their wedding worsts. One groom gets arrested and handcuffed in the aisle! We hope the bride had enough sense to annul the marriage. Imagine: you shell out so much for groomsmen gifts, bridesmaid gifts, reception venture and flowers, and your groom gets arrested in front of everyone!

Smooth Criminal

Here it is in all its criminal glory. Imagine talking to your new bride behind glass. "Baby, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you I'm wanted in four states. Forgive me."

Bachelor Party Prank

The look on this groom's face will crack you up. Bachelor party pranks are the best. If you take a bachelor party road trip, don't forget shot glasses and blow up dolls. Hint: Get your guys great groomsmen gifts and they'll feel tinges of guilt for pulling pranks on you.

Groom Can't Stop Dancing

This groom should have got his guys dance lessons as groomsmen gifts - so they could join him on the floor! This drunk groom physically cannot stop dancing.

Thanks for enjoying grooms behaving badly! We're on the prowl for grooms having a really good time. Comment below and confess your worst wedding moments. Cathartic for you, comedic for others. And don't forget about those groomsmen gifts, available at GroomStand.com.