As the groom, meeting your in-laws is inevitable, except in rare cases. Now wipe out all preconceived notions you may have about the sometimes awkward introductions from the hysterical movie, "Meet the Parents". While it might feel otherwise, the parents of the bride arenÍt looking to make a laundry list of your faults; they just want to make sure that the husband of their precious daughter is decent, down-to-earth and an all-around good guy _ and most importantly, to know that you love her and will take care of her forever.

The most important thing to remember before the meeting is to just be yourself _ donÍt try act like the mate you think they want for their daughter, show them who you really are. Remember these tips for your ñare you good enough for my baby girlî interview, and youÍre sure to pass:

Research: Ask the bride about her parentÍs hobbies and interests, knowing if dad likes to fish or mom loves to travel will help you fill the void if any awkward silences come up. Bonus points for knowing how long theyÍve been married, how they met and other fun family details _ you can always ask these questions later as a way to create a bonding conversation. On the flip side, if you know ahead of time what the parentÍs dislike, you can avoid these touchy topics. And, for the most part, stay away from religion, politics and ex relationships until you know her mom and dad very well.

Grooming: When you show up to meet her folks, make sure youÍve combed your hair and cleaned up your cuticles! Plus, brush your teeth, parents donÍt want to be greeting with a rush of bad breath or see a piece of lettuce hanging between your teeth. A good shave will work wonders, check out our personalized shaving sets to get the advantage.

Manners: Remember the manners your mom tried to teach you when you were still living at home? Use please and thank you regularly and call her parents ñsirî or ñmamî until they invite you to do otherwise. Show acts of chivalry, this will work wonders with impressing her folks _ pull out the chair of your finance and future mother in law; open doors for them, complement them and you will go far in the family!

Bear gifts: It is considered proper etiquette to bring a small gift for your host and this definitely applies to visiting with the future in-laws. A bottle of wine, flowers potted houseplant always make a nice gesture as long as one of them doesnÍt have a drinking problem or allergies. If youÍd like to give something with a personalized touch, at you can find much more than gifts for groomsmen. Our many great gifts can be engraved with a name, date or special message. From personalized wine accessories and engraved glassware, you canÍt go wrong with these little ñbribesî of acceptance into the family!