Groomsmen Duties _ A Job of Honor

After talking about groomsmen "this" and groomsmen "that", it just dawned on us that we're making an assumption that everyone knows what a groomsman is supposed to do. Most marriages are the couples first time to tie the knot; the whole wedding planning process is unchartered territory. Many guys have not even been to a single weddings as they are events that tend to be avoided by the perennial bachelor. But if you've found a girl that has made you change your mind about settling down, there is no doubt a wedding in your future. She's going to know everything and more about what her bridesmaids are going to do, but do you know what role the groomsmen play in your big day? One thing you've probably heard is that it is proper etiquette to present your chosen wedding helpers with groomsmen gifts as a token of your appreciation. Other than the groomsmen gifts, we've got a brief tutorial to get you up to speed:

Bachelor party: The groomsmen assist the best man in planning and setting up the bachelor party. They should come up with an outing you'll love, make all the reservations, and coordinate designated drivers for your safe return.

Supply formal wear: The groomsmen are also traditionally expected to rent, buy or provide wedding day attire according to your instructions - as well as pick up and return the garments at their convenience. Some well-off grooms prefer to foot the bill for the tuxedos, but that is up to you - just be clear up front so issues arise on the eve of the wedding.

Rehearsal dinner: The groomsmen should be invited to the wedding rehearsal and subsequent dinner so that they can understand their role on the big day as well as feel part of the close-knit festivities. Typically, it is only the bet man that is required to give a speech at the rehearsal dinner / wedding.

Escort guests and bridesmaids: The groomsmen serve as ushers right before the ceremony, walking guests to their seats within the venue. Additionally, they walk down the aisle during the ceremony with a bridesmaid and then stand by your side for the duration.

Serve as hosts: The groomsmen can be given tasks to help out guests during the ceremony and reception, such as carrying gifts, chauffeuring out-of-towners, running nterference with the wedding vendors and more.

Ease groom's fears: The best man and groomsmen can help to allay any last-minute cold feet that the groom may be facing. Groomsmen and best man advice to the groom is always appreciated.

Decorate the get-away car: Give the groomsmen creative license to decorate your car as they please; it's all in good fun.