Soon the slopes will be in full swing with skiers and snowboarders shredding it up during daylight and partying down in town after hours. An all-guy getaway to the mountains makes the perfect bachelor party; it’s equal parts adrenaline-packed action mixed with no-nagging relaxation. So if you have a winter wedding planned, consider a weekend trip to a ski resort as your final destination as a single dude – there are many awesome resorts in the country that offer a great nightlife scene as well. Don’t forget to treat your pals to groomsmen gifts that fit the occasion, here are a few of our favorite ski and snowboard trip-inspired best man gifts and groomsmen gifts:

Personalized flask: You can’t expect a guy to wait until he gets to the lodge to enjoy a little adult libation – if you all are hitting the double diamonds, you can call having a sip of spirits “ liquid courage.” An engraved flask featuring the recipient’s initials makes a quite useful choice in groomsmen gifts and can be tucked into a ski jacket for enjoyment all day.

Personalized bota bag: Similar to the concept of carrying around a flask, the bota bag is an old-world style vessel that is ready to hold wine or other alcoholic beverages. A great choice in groomsman gifts for the guy who would rather drink wine than beer. Ergonomically kidney-shaped the strap is meant to be work around the neck and under one shoulder so that it comfortable rests on your side. When your thirst beckons, just take a refreshing swing out of the spigot.

Cabin series pokerset: When the bachelor party ends up back at the hotel or cabin, poker or other card games are always an entertaining way to hang out into the wee hours. Present your wedding attendants with their own rustic-look poker set that features a wood-finish exterior customized with the recipient’s name and an outdoorsy design. Inside, all the requisite gear needed to play poker is packed neatly away.

Personalized ski lodge sign: Capturing spirit of snow sport enthusiasts everywhere, this vintage-look custom sign features a graphic of a skier catching air straight off the summit. A welcoming touch for any room, especially a cabin, the recipient’s name is personalized on the front with an invitation to warm up. Every buddy will love these home souvenirs from a ski trip that will not be long forgotten!