Grouch Marx once said, “Given the choice between a woman and a cigar, I will always choose the cigar.” What better way to kick off a fiancée free night than to light up a round of fine cigars at your bachelor party. Cigar smoking has become quite a popular activity at these guys-only events and has plenty of ideas make your night go up in smoke . . . in a good way!

Pick the right cigar: While there is no such thing as “the perfect cigar,” there is a cigar that is right for your budget. Whether you have $5 to spend on each cigar or $50, the guys will be exited to light up just the same. A wise person once said that a cigar is as good as the memories that were created when you smoked it. So a great time equals great cigars. Cigars come in differed types, lengths and flavors, nearly something for every type of man in your wedding posse. That’s why investing in a variety sampler pack of cigars is a crowd-pleasing decision.

Cigar supplies: In order to properly smoke your bachelor party cigars, certain tools of the trade are required. A cigar cutter is used to nip the end off, preparing it for your enjoyment. Also, highly recommended is the employ of a nice butane lighter, such as a no-fail Zippo. These luxe lighters make great groomsmen gifts because they can be personalized with the recipient’s monogram, name or message. Another must-have for the cigar aficionado is a humidor. The proper humidity levels are maintained in a humidor, keeping your cigars fresh and ready to be enjoyed.

Plan ahead: Don’t rush out the night before to purchase cigars for your bachelor party. As with fine wines, cigars must be matured in a humidor for one to two months. This process eliminates foul odors inherent to the rolling process and creates a mellowed smoke that provides a rich reward for the palate.

Coordinate groomsmen gifts: If you are having a cigar theme for your bachelor party, follow it up with some groomsmen gifts that match the mood. has a wide range of smoking gifts for every price point, from supplies such as lighters, humidors and cigar carrying cases to décor for a man cave such as personalized cigar signs and cigar-inspired poker sets.