Horse Drawn Carriage Rides for Christmas Wedding

Guys, one of the most romantic things you can do is arrange for a horse-drawn carriage ride as party of the wedding festivities, perhaps after the reception as you make your newlywed getaway under the sparkling lights of the city or twinkling stars of the country. ItÍs even a festive way to make a grand entrance to the wedding with the bride and groom in one carriage and paired up groomsmen and bridesmaids in subsequent carriages. Arranging for a surprise carriage ride also makes a grand gesture as gifts from the groom to the bride and also a good place to pop the question if youÍre not already married.

In New York City, the quintessential ride winds around Central Park and will set you back about $150 for a 45 minute ride, well worth it for the memory. But, the Big Apple isnÍt the only place you can be hauled around behind horses, there are usually horse and carriage companies in nearly every big city in the downtown area as well as in quaint, historic smaller towns and even mountain resort destinations. In fact, at some in some of the ski towns, you can actually arrange to have a sleigh pull you around over the snow; canÍt you just hear the sleigh bells jingling?! If you have a destination bachelor party planned, hit the ski slopes by day and then head into down for dinner via carriage and set up the guys with the perfect choice in groomsmen gifts _ personalized flasks filled with a bit of something to warm up with.

We have some tips to remember when planning a horse-drawn carriage ride. First, many carriage operators will not take the horses out for rides in extreme weather, youÍre usually safe between 20 degrees and 89 degrees Fahrenheit. Even in the summer, it could get cool in the evening, so bring your own blankets if youÍd rather not use the ones provided (if even provided). DonÍt be loud or act teasingly to the horse and whatever you do, donÍt feed the horse -- remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer fed Beefarino to the horse and the situation got a little smelly?! Bring your camera to have the driver photograph you, and speaking of the driver, donÍt forget to tip him.