No one likes a hangover; however, they’re often part of the morning or all-day after experience when drinking too much. Sufferers can expect a headache, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, general malaise, gastro-intestinal troubles and thirst. Even when trying to “be good” and pacing drinks throughout the night, many guys find that they’ve overindulged at a bachelor party. This can put a damper on the next day’s events and that can be a real disaster, especially if it’s the wedding day. If you or your buddies find yourself in this woozy predicament, read on to find out some remedies that can help you recover – that is unless you’ve woken up to a Mike Tyson-inspired face tattoo, and there’s no quick solution to that!

Hydrate: Drinking too much alcohol makes a guy dehydrated; you’ll end up with a parched mouth and dry skin in the morning. Speed up your recovery by drinking a glass of water before you go to sleep (or pass out) and then another as soon as waking. Keep sipping on water or electrolyte drinks to help bring body fluids back into balance. Get the guys off to the right foot by giving them hydrating groomsmen gifts, such as a personalized water canteen.

Eat: After a drinking binge, your stomach may not be in the mood for food, to put it mildly! But a well-balanced meal will get you back to normal; but make sure that it’s quality food such as whole grains, lean protein and fruits and vegetables. Greasy foods may sound good, but they’ll just make you sicker in the end. Remember to wash down the meal with lots of liquids for rehydration.

Supplements: Before you hit the sack or as soon as you wake up, take in a multi-vitamin to regain the right level of vitamins and minerals that may have been leached from your body during the wild bachelor party rumpus. The supplements coupled with water and enough sleep will heal your body in time for big event. Give the guys a handsome leather toiletry kit for groomsmen gifts, they can stash away their hangover vitamins inside.

Cold Shower Shock: If all else fails, step into the shower and turn it on full-blast to cold water. The shock to your system may just jolt you back into the living. Why do you think they throw cold buckets of water on people in the movies?! Although the results may not be the total cure, it may just be invigorating enough to keep you on your feet for any important duties you have for the day.