What’s the worst that could happen at your wedding? As the groom, you could bumble through your vows, maybe forget to put gas in the getaway car, or realize that an uninvited ex-girlfriend was brought as someone’s date. But, what if you vomited at the wedding; right there kneeling at the altar alongside your bride, with the entire congregation looking on? Ah, fun times. That exact thing happened to the turning-green groom in this video and probably thousands of other grooms out there have had near miss situations. This is no way to start off a lifetime of happiness, so read on to find out how to keep from puking your guts out at the wedding ceremony.

Don’t get wasted the night before. You’ve heard it before, but we’re saying it again. Don’t have the bachelor party the night before the wedding, it’s just asking for trouble. It gives you no recovery time to bounce back from too many drinks . . . or have that tattoo laser-blasted off your head. If the logistics of having your party posse come in from out of town necessitates a night-before shindig, then you’ll need to pace yourself on the drinking. Avoid consuming hard liquor shots and mixed drinks (remember the saying, liquor’s quicker) and drink a full mug of water in between each alcoholic beverage. As a reminder to everyone, get the guys personalized beer mugs (filled with water, natch) as their hydrating groomsmen gifts.

Cure your hangover quickly and thoroughly. If you do wake up with the dreaded hangover, hopefully you don’t have a morning ceremony to rush of to. If the event is in the late afternoon or evening, you’ll have some time to work on bouncing back from your queasiness, dehydration and pounding headache. First, you’ll want to keep drinking water, preferably even an electrolyte drink, throughout the day to get your body back in balance. Keep water by your side at all times in a refillable container, like our personalized water canteen. By the way, these vessels make excellent groomsmen gifts with hangover prevention in mind. Next, take a shower to wash off the debauchery and jump-start your day; use cold water if that’s what it’s going to take to liven you up. A shave wouldn’t hurt either. Next, eat something healthy, not that greasy hamburger and fries that you crave. A fatty diet will churn up your gut for a potential disaster. Finally, if the nausea continues try an herbal remedy. Peppermint and ginger are both known to combat queasiness. Make tea with one of these natural helpers or at least suck on a hard candy until your stomach is feeling better.

Get over your nerves. Doctors back the fact that excitement and anxiety can make a person puke, even though it’s usually just little kids who vomit with this type of anxious anticipation. However, getting married is probably one of the biggest life changes a guy faces in his life to date, and that can make you revert to unexpected behaviors. To calm a stomach that is flip-flopping and freaking out due to anxiety, there are a few tricks to try out. Engage in a little exercise like light jogging or a brisk walk. Exercise releases endorphins, those feel-good neurotransmitters that will help regulate hormones and reduce adrenaline to control anxiety. Deep breathing is another method that can help reduce any stress that may be causing your discomfort. Take slow, controlled breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth; by the end of 10 breaths you should be feeling better. Finally, eating something light and healthy will keep your stomach digesting properly and feeling up par on your wedding day. The worst thing you can do is skip a meal because you are nervous, this will only worsen the way you feel.

Are you getting anxious about your wedding? What are you doing to stay calm? Let us know in the comments below.