Is it Halo Heaven? A Video Game Wedding

Just because youÍre getting married doesnÍt mean that you have to give up on your favorite hobby. And, if youÍre anything like the typical guy, you love video games. According to the Entertainment Software Association, a video game player is typically male and is, on average, 35 years old -- playing for the last 13 years! So, itÍs shouldnÍt be surprising to learn that some die-hard video game fans are incorporating a love for this type of entertainment into the biggest day of their lives.

From the family-friendly Mario franchise of video games to the more combat-oriented genres, video game themed weddings are sure to get guests talking. If fact, one couple in Orlando, Florida recently planned their whole marriage around the explosion-filled video game, Halo. While the couple wore traditional wedding garb, the man uniting them in a matrimonial bond was outfitted in green amour and a helmet, just like the gameÍs hero -- Master Chief.

The couple feels that ñlife should be funî and decided that a video game wedding was definitely for them. After the unusual exchanging of vows, the couple was introduced as ñteammates for lifeî and the guests partied all night at the ñRock Bandî video band jam. The event, largely paid for by a video game development festival called Otronicon, also featured a Halo-inspired wedding cake and the theme music from the soundtrack of this wildly popular pastime. As wedding gift, Halo developers from creator Bungie Studios, presented the newlyweds with a virtual gift for the groomand bride, the ultra-rare Recon amour that is coveted by game-players everywhere. Cool, dude!