Marrying Man of the Month: It

September has been a bit dry for celebrity bachelors signing up for the big M so we've decided to make our Marrying Man of the Month this time around, Prince William of Wales. "Is he" or "isn't he" has been the topic of conversation for years about when this heir to the British throne will finally settle down. After a courtship of more than 8 years, speculation about an engagement to his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, is reaching a frenzied pace with royal watchers (and even the rest of us). While there has been no official statement coming from the couple, the Queen or the House of Windsor, the gossip magazines and rumor mills are still churning full speed with the hopes that a royal wedding will soon occur. Britian's own online rag, "News of the World", has recently come out and said that the two will indeed wed in the summer of 2012 to put the spotlight on England right before the Queen's Jubilee and the Summer Olympics in London.

What are the clues? First, as mentioned, the timing of two major events, the Queen's Jubilee and the Summer Olympics, taking place in the summer of 20102. Second, Prince William has said himself that he planned on getting married when he is around 28 to 30 years of age - he'll be 30 in 2012! And third, the two are now reportedly living together in North Wales near his Royal Air Force base. If they do in fact get married and Wills finally gives up his bachelorhood you can say you heard it here first, straight from the filtered down buzz out of the mouths of "senior insiders" and "high-ranking sources." You trust us, don't you?! While you might not want to book a trip to see the spectacle just quite yet, you could head on over to to find a nice personalized gifts for men who have everything, perhaps a nice leather can koozie engraved with his name -- Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales (no last name needed when you're royal)!