Marrying Men (and a Woman) of the Month

Spring and sprung and love is suddenly in the air! Engagement news has been confirmed for a couple of bachelors and a long-time super model too. Celebrity weddings just make our hearts go aflutter (insert sarcastic tone here), we canÍt wait to see whoÍs wearing what and how over the top all the details go. Okay, we pretend that we donÍt care about which stars are getting hitched, but really we do. When a male celebrity gets engaged, it reminds us regular Joes that getting married isnÍt really that bad of a deal. Chances are the girl youÍve proposed to really loves you for you and not youÍre a-list bank account. And, when a Sports Illustrated bikini supermodel gets married, we all just sigh a collective ñwhat if.î

The name of the first marrying man of the month may not instantly ring a bell, Vincent Kartheiser. HeÍs Pete Campbell, the young and sometimes spiteful-slash- impulsive ad exec, on the television ñMad Men.î Kartheiser (age 31) has been dating Alexis Bledel (age 33) since early 2012 and if you think they look like a familiar couple, your right! To two played illicit lovers, cheating on their respective spouses, on the popular AMC drama last season. Nothing says doomed choice than taking on a mentally-unstable mistress, thank goodness, itÍs not reality! The wedding announcement timing for the twosome couldnÍt be better timed; the Emmy award-winning show premiered its sixth season on April 7th. We have the perfect idea in groomsmen gifts for Pete Campbell, er Kartheiser, and that is a set of personalized bar glasses for those afternoon scotch breaks at work. Or, a snazzy, retro-sixties pair of engraved cufflinks, perhaps?

And, live from New York . . . . is the announcement that Andy Samberg, funny guy and clowny crooner best known for his skits on ñSaturday Night Live,î is also engaged. Samberg (age 34) has been dating his girlfriend, Joanna Newsom, for five years. No one is quite certain when the two made the pledge to get married, but he did give his bride to be a present to seal the deal. No, not an (ahem) in a box _ but, a sparkly engagement ring that she was spotted wearing at the Indie Spirit Awards being hosted by her sweetie. Newsom is a folk singer-songwriter who actually makes music and not parody songs like Samberg. Friends say that Samberg has been a fan long before they dated; he was a groupie in nearly all of her shows! As a reminder that the couple makes strangely sweet music together, a personalized steel harmonica would make a quirky and clever choice in groomsmen gifts from this silly, SNL alum.

And, apparently the divorced Elle Macpherson is set to wed her billionaire boyfriend, Jeffry Soffer. While Soffer is the ïyounger manÍ at age 43, youÍd never EVER believe that the Australian bombshell is 49 years old. The two dated and then called off the relationship last March, but then got back together after Soffer severely hurt his back in a helicopter crash. How would you like Ell Macpherson to be your nurse? Yea, thatÍs what we thought! A wedding date hasnÍt been set yet, so maybe there is still hope. Who knows what Soffer will present as groomsmen gifts, he can afford to buy a small country for each of his groomsmen. For all the millionaires, billionaires and up-and-comers, consider a symbolic choice in groomsmen gifts _ like a personalized money clip!

So, what would you give as groomsmen gifts if you have the seemingly never-ending wallet of a celebrity or business tycoon?