Scottish Weddings: Costs, Customs and Creeling

Today, it can be a bit of an expense to be invited to join the wedding party. First, thereÍs travel to and fro not to mention a place to crash, renting a tux, purchasing a gift for the groom and other incidentals _ man oh man, the groom better be getting his buds a couple awesome groomsmen gifts! However, todayÍs groomsmen have it pretty easy compared to just being invited to a wedding as a guest (not even a stand up position) back in Scotland centuries ago. Every guest expected to bring his own food to the celebration, pay for the entertainment, and also bring the requisite gift _ we can only imagine the financial obligations for the groomÍs wedding party! There were no kilt-rentals back then so a man would have to splurge for the good family plaid _ and bagpipers didnÍt come cheap! By the 17th, weddings had become such over-the-top affairs that clergy capped guests to just 25 people and put a ban on drinking, dancing and music.

Well, thank goodness that all this blarney has come to an end and the typical church wedding is normal operating procedure in the Highlands. However, many customs from the old world still carry over into the modern marriage ceremony. The groom still wears represents the clan wearing a kilt and the bride often pins a piece of the tartan to her dress with a decorative brooch to signify her joining of the groomÍs family. Some couples still practice a historical custom called ïcreelingÍ where a large basket is filled with rocks and tied to the groomÍs back _ the only way he could escape the burden was to get a kiss from the bride.

You can incorporate the spirit of a Scottish wedding into your big day with personalized gifts including groomsmen gifts, best man gifts and even gifts for your mother. Check out our Scottish Plaid Flask, a tasteful choice in groomsmen gifts that will be well-received by your lads. Grooms are also expected to honor their mothers with a gift, the traditional choice is a silver serving spoon engraved with their initials and the wedding date.