Searing Steak With Style _ Groomsmen Gift Suggestion The entire month of May is dedicated to sizzling up good food on the grill, itÍs National Barbeque Month! According to a consumer poll by the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association, enjoying the company with family and friends (94%) combined with the desire to be outside (22%) is the reason why barbeque season heats up this time of year. And really, the launch of the outdoor cooking couldnÍt be better timed considering how many soon-to-be-married couples are launching their pre-wedding entertaining schedules for all the important members of the wedding party.

If you are hosting a bachelor barbeque this month, youÍll want to check over your gear and supplies to make sure everything is in order. Pull off the cover under which your grill has been hibernating all winter and give it a look-see to determine whether is still up to the manufacturerÍs safety guidelines. Anything rusty or wobbly needs to be repaired or replaced. Also, youÍll need to stock up with a freshly filled propane tank or plenty of charcoal briquettes along with all the other consumables you plan on grilling up. This year, why not break with tradition and try a new marinade or dry rub to shake up the taste buds of your carnivorous friends and family?!

For the men at your backyard cookout, it is always a thoughtful idea to bring along personalized groomsmen gifts, especially BBQ gifts, to show your appreciation for their willingness to eat, drink and be merry at your upcoming wedding. Sure to make a searing impression with your groomsmen is a steak iron which can be used to make a personalized mark on beef, chicken, pork _ even tofu! There are many styles of steak brands to choose from including steak irons forged with the recipientÍs monogram letters or a sports team or military logo held near and dear.