Study Says Curved Beer Mugs Increases Quantity Consumed

They say if you use a smaller plate, youÍll eat less. You would think the same theory probably holds true for the size of your glass. But, a new study of British beer drinkers has found that drinking beer from a curved glass dramatically increases the speed at which a person ñswillsî _ that is, to ñdrink or eat freely, greedily, or to excess.î

The hypothesis tested assumed a beer glass, which can give the appearance of different amounts of beer depending on the shape, might additionally distort the perception of the total amount of alcohol being consumed. One hundred and sixty participants were quite easily recruited from a nearby college and divided into eight groups and screened to confirm they were only ñsocial drinkersî and not alcoholics. The study made a point of trying to exclude people who were just ñdrinking to get drunkî and would skewer the results by downing their beer.

Then the participants were served either soda or beer while watching a neutral nature documentary so that they would have a diversion other than just drinking for drinkingÍs sake. They were not aware of the point of the research being conducted. Secretly, researcher timed how long it took for the drinkers to finish their respective beer or sodas. One group consistently drank much faster than the others, the group drinking a full glass of lager out of curved flute glasses. On average, the people drinking out of ñstraight glassesî consumed basically 12 ounces (354 ml) of brew in 13 minutes while the group drinking the same amount in ñcurvedî glasses polished it off in 8 minutes!

The researchers believe that social drinkers pace their drinking (maybe without even realizing it) by how long it takes to reach the halfway point in a glass or beer mug. When shown photos of half full glasses in varying shapes, the participants repeatedly misjudged the levels of remaining fluid in curved flute glasses, thinking more was actually left than there was.

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So, do you think itÍs true that guys unintentionally drink faster from curved beer mugs? What kind of glass do you like to use to enjoy beer _ flutes, mugs, tankards, pilsners, steins or just straight out of the bottle?